Aikikai International, Inc. Established 1992
Aikikai International, Inc.Established 1992

Since 1982, Chief Instructor/Dojo-cho, Troy D. Ferguson, 6th degree black belt, has studied and practiced Aikido under the auspices of various direct students of O'Sensei and their senior students.  Ferguson Sensei founded Aikikai International, Inc. in 1992 upon the advice and with the support of Terry Dobson Sensei, whom he had the privilege to meet just prior to Dobson Sensei's passing away.  Dobson Sensei was one of the earliest American practitioners of Aikido who lived as an uchideshi or live-in student of O'sensei at the Aikikai Hombu dojo in Tokyo, Japan in the 1960s.  Dobson Sensei appears in the rare 1962 film taking ukemi for O'Sensei.


Ferguson Sensei has been exposed to different styles and philosophical approaches to Aikido and does not believe that there is only one correct way to study and practice Aikido.  Ferguson Sensei has and continues to support other Aikido dojos and federations and strives to maintain an open dialogue with any Aikido student or teacher who shares O'Sensei's vision.  Since 1993, Ferguson Sensei has hosted seminars conducted by such senior Aikido teachers as Takashi Ishikawa Sensei, 7th dan, Masanori Yamano Sensei, 7th dan, Bill Witt Sensei, 7th dan, Pat Hendricks Sensei, 7th dan, Masanobu Hayata Sensei, 7th dan, Norio Egawa Sensei, 6th dan and Mary Heiny Sensei, 6th dan. 


Ferguson Sensei previously trained in both Shotokan karate and Kodokan judo.  He does not teach Aikido for a living and is an accomplished trial and appellate attorney, and he specializes in federal criminal defense, commercial litigation and personal injury cases.

Ferguson Sensei with Ishikawa Sensei, his dear friend and the head of the Osaka-based Misasagi-kai Aikido Federation in Osaka in 2004
Ferguson Sensei taking instruction from Michiline Tissier Sensei, 6th dan, Aikido France, at her first seminar in Miami in 2012.
Ferguson Sensei in 1993 under the direction of Pat Hendricks Sensei

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