Aikikai International, Inc. Established 1992
Aikikai International, Inc.Established 1992

The special "moments" with Terry Dobson Sensei

Ferguson Sensei with Senseis Dobson, Baker and Casanova in August, 1992 during Dobson Sensei's Miami Aikido Seminar
Here, Casanova Sensei presents his teachers, Senseis Dobson and Baker to the South Florida Aikido community at Dobson Sensei's seminal 1992 seminar.
Ferguson Sensei taking instruction from Dobson Sensei

Dobson Sensei spoke very highly of Mary Heiny Sensei, 6th dan, and Pat Hendricks Sensei, 7th dan, and believed that they were Aikido's future.  He invited the Florida Aikido community to welcome Senseis Heiny and Hendricks and to build relationships with them.  In 1993, Ferguson Sensei separately met Senseis Heiny and Hendricks, was profoundly affected by his experiences with them and became their student.  In May 1993, Ferguson Sensei hosted Hendricks Sensei's first seminar in Miami.  In November 1993, he held Heiny Sensei's first seminar in Miami.  Both teachers have influenced Ferguson Sensei over the years, and he remains especially grateful for their patience and kindness.    

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